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Lightweight . Keyholder Design . EASY TO CHARGE ANYWHERE.

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Use your AA battery to charge your Smartphone

Charge your Smartphone with your AA dry cell battery with Vital AA Battery Charger.

We all experience certain situations whereby we find that our phone is desperately running out of charge or the battery is about to die completely and we are unable to make urgent use of our smartphones most coincidentally at times we need to use It the most.

we find ourselves in need to charge our phone but simply don’t have immediate access to a power outlet.

Whether you are at the gym, or travelling, camping, hiking or simply on your coach and it’s inconvenient to get up to charge, or anywhere without easy access to charge your phone,

Simply use our vital AA battery smartphone charger to charge your phone.

It’s more convenient and easier  to use

It’s very small so you can take it anywhere.

Keyholder design : fits to your keyholder so it’s easier to carry  with you.


It’s compact and fits to your pocket  while charging your phone, you can use it anywhere, at the gym, travel, camping, hiking and so on.

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9 Reasons to get your vital charger now..

Reason #1: Easy to Use

Simply plug in your AA batteries and charge

Reason #2: Keyholder design

Very small and fits to your keyholder.

Reason #3: Lightweight

Lightweight to carry anywhere .

Reason #4: Charge USB C Smartphones

Tell us to Include a USB C connector for FREE in order note to charge USB C devices

Reason #5: Also Charges iPhones

Tel us to Include micro usb to iPhone connector in order note to charge iPhone.

Reason #6: Free Shipping Available

Free and fast worldwide shipping available on all orders.

Reason #7: Return & Refund Available

30 days refund and return available.

Reason #8: Secure and Trusted Payments

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal payments accepted.

Reason #9: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee you will love it, if not we refund you 100% on your purchase.

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Here comes our offer ' Buy Now Get FREE Gift', When you order now, a micro USB to IPhone OR micro USB to USB C connector will be added to your order.
This will enable you to use your vital charger to charge your IPhone or USB C smartphone.

…Simply tell us which to include in your order note...


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Vital AA Battery Smartphone Charger

Use your AA battery to charge your Smartphone when needed.

Never run out of charge in desperate times.

Stay connected with friends, families, and colleagues in situations of low battery without quick or easy access to power outlet to charge your phone,

Simply use our vital charger to avoid stress, charge your phone and make use of it especially at such times when it matters the most.

Our Guarantee To You: We have worked tirelessly to bring you a range that is all high technology and quality. We're pretty sure you're going to fall in love with our beautiful products. But in case you're not completely satisfied with our product, you can ask for a 100% refund on your purchase. This puts the pressure on us to ensure that we deliver the best possible products and results to you. We want your experience with Boonics to be the best. So go ahead and shop with confidence!

Ready to get your Vital AA Battery Smartphone Charger?

Avoid running out of charge on your smartphone and being disconnected from loved ones and acquaintances especially in emergencies, even if you have a power bank, It is much easier to take anywhere, convenient and doesn’t require electricity. when you are having low battery without access to power outlet, always have a backup means to charge. Simply use your vital charger and stay connected.

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